Our History: Primordia was founded in early 2013

Primordia was founded in early 2013 as Primordia Siparup Perkasa (PSP) as the Electrical Contractor focusing on installation of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage to support the infrastructure such us airport and water treatment plant. Since then, PSP has expand the capabilities into EPC power contractor that enable electric generation, transmission and distribution mainly from the renewable sources. In 2016, PSP started to construct several Medium Voltage Distribution line for Minihydro Power Plant in North Sumatera and continue to build the typical design in Gorontalo, Nusa Tenggara Timur and Java. In early 2018, PSP entered into High Voltage installation and uprated and build Substation and transmission for PLN. In 2019, Primordia entered to assed based transportation services to support the operation of our customer. We provide the MPV, Double Cabin and Dump Truck for the infrastructure project.

We continue our effort to mastering expertise and technical knowledge in building all kind of electrical aspect of power plant and in parallel investing in asset that supporting Indonesia's Infrastructure Development Plan.